South Pacific Biomedical's test lungs can help you train your staff, as well as test, service, and repair virtually any ventilator.




Test Lungs


TL2 PRO Test Lung System


TL2 PRO Test Lung System is an advanced training and testing system.  New features include the ProLeak, ProCompliance, and ProBreath controls that allow independent leak, compliance and lung selection settings for the ultimate in flexibility and performance.


SmartLung 2000
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The SmartLung series of test lungs from imtmedical offer easy cost effective ways to reliably test the function and precision of ventilators and anesthesia machines.  Thanks to their adaptability they are ideal for training to simulate different types of ventilation scenarios.


TL2 Test Lung System



The TL2 Test LungTM System, a revolutionary training and testing system with two lungs...just like you.

Now included with any pneumatic analyzer purchase!





FlexLungTM is an affordable, general purpose, latex free test lung.  FlexLung is equipped with a standard 22mm ID connector with pressure port for easy connection to any ventilator.






DuraLungTM series test lungs are affordable, high quality, heavy duty, rigid test lungs.  DuraLung is ideal for pressure control, bi-level, and high-frequency ventilation simulations and service where ultra-accurate pressures are needed.



Test Lung Pro-Pack


Test Lung Pro-Pack is an excellent choice for users with a variety of ventilator makes and models.  Order the Pro-Pack and save when compared to ordering individually.  Includes the TL2 Test Lung, DuraLung 4L, and the FlexLung 5-pack.


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