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Course Description

The Respiratory Systems and Technologies (RST) course is a self-paced internet based training program designed for biomedical equipment technicians who are responsible for the maintenance and repair of respiratory care equipment.  Additionally, the RST eTraining program provides an excellent educational opportunity for those who wish to transition from general biomedical maintenance to respiratory care technologies.  The topics covered are Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology, Respiratory Terminology, and Respiratory Technologies.

Students will learn about the key organs and processes within the Cardiopulmonary System, ventilator specific and other respiratory terms and principles, and the fundamental technologies found within respiratory care equipment.  At the end of each topic students will have the opportunity to take a quiz.  Successful completion of all three quizzes will permit the student to generate and print a Certificate of Completion.

Upon course completion students will possess a solid foundation in key respiratory concepts and technologies and will be better equipped to service and repair a wide range of respiratory care devices.  They will also be prepared to effectively communicate with Respiratory clinicians and personnel.

The RST eTraining Program is highly recommended for students planning to attend any of our ventilator specific service seminars.  Completing this program first will prepare the student for more advanced concepts presented in class and will greatly enhance their ventilator service training.

 Course Features and Benefits

  • Interactive, Educational, and Fun

  • Impressive full screen presentation

  • Incredible color graphics

  • 3 Comprehensive modules can be taken anytime or all together

    • Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology (46 min)

    • Respiratory Terminology (33 min)

    • Respiratory Technologies (20 min)

  • RST eTraining Manual downloadable for future reference

  • Receive Certificate upon successful quiz completion

  • Self-paced

  • Start and stop at your convenience

  • Back-up and repeat as often as needed

  • Possible to complete in about 2 hours including quizzes

  • Available 24-7

  • Complete your training anytime, anywhere

  • All you need is a computer with an internet connection

  • Affordable

  • Save on costs

  • No travel required

  • No special software needed

  • Requirements

  • Access to a computer

  • An internet connection (high-speed recommended)


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*Note: Actual training is full screen, demo is a pop-up window.