FlowAnalysers & MultiGasAnalyser


FlowAnalyser PF-300

PF-300 brochure

FlowAnalyser Accessories brochure

Introducing the FlowAnalyser PF-300.  The PF-300 is capable of measuring bi-directional flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and O2 concentrations.  Choose from three different operating modes for testing Adult, Pediatric and High Frequency ventilators.


PF-300 Features:

  • Large, Bright and Adjustable Display

  • Intuitive Configurable User Interface

  • Display 4 parameters at once

  • 3 Operating Modes:

    • Adult

    • Pediatric

    • High Frequency

  • Optional FlowLab software control

  • Small and lightweight

  • AC and Battery powered

  • Hard-shell carrying case included



  • Flow Measurements: High and Low Flow for air, oxygen and nitrous oxide

  • Volume Measurements: Internal trigger (flow or pressure) or External trigger

  • Pressure Measurements: High and Low pressure ranges

  • Oxygen Concentration Measurements: from 0-100%

  • Gas Temperature Measurement

  • Gas Humidity Measurement

  • Communication Interfaces: TTL for External Trigger input, USB for FlowLab software, RS232, and optional Ethernet connection


FlowLab Software

  • Graphical User Interface for real-time curves, numeric values, statistics, trending, quality reports and automatic test functions

  • Display up to 6 different curves

  • Display up to 20 numerical values 

  • Acquire data for up to 100 hours

  • Trend up to 10 different parameters simultaneously

  • Export data to Excel

  • Define layout and colors

  • Printing and saving graphics

FlowLab Software brochure


MultiGasAnalyser OR-703

OR-703 MultiGasAnalyser 

OR-703 brochure


Introducing the smallest and lightest Multi-Gas Sensor in the world!  Expand the capabilities of your PF-300 FlowAnalyser to include anesthesia system performance testing.  With your OR-703 probe you can now service both your ventilator fleet and your anesthesia systems with one integrated performance test system.


OR-703 Features:

  • Micro system technology

  • Seamless integration with the PF-300 and FlowLab software

  • Direct data interface with PF-300



  • Agents measured:

    • CO2

    • N2O

    • Halothane

    • Enflurane

    • Isoflurane

    • Sevoflurane

    • Desflurane

  • Fast response

  • Instant ready

  • Real time monitoring

  • Data storage and reporting










PF-301 & PF-302 FlowAnalysers


Two additional versions of the FlowAnalyser are also available.  The PF-301 VAC expands measurement capabilities into vacuum, while the PF-302 LOW permits certified measurements of the lowest possible pressures.