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On-Site Service Training Has your travel budget been slashed?  South Pacific Biomedical, Inc. can provide ventilator service training just about anywhere in the world.  We would be more than happy to quote you custom training services at a location of your choice.  Click on the link below to send us an email inquiry or give us a call.

Biomedical Engineering Consulting Services – Are you experiencing too many equipment failures too close together and can't find the root cause?  Or, are you experiencing the same type of failure over and over again?  It has happened to countless hospitals across the world and can cost thousands of dollars in untold equipment downtime, parts and rental fees.  Let South Pacific Biomedical, Inc. come in to your site and work along side your biomedical, respiratory, and facilities staff to get a handle on this potentially extremely expensive scenario.  And even better still, call us in before its too late, we can help you identify potential pitfalls and recommend improvements before you begin to experience those costly repetitive repairs.

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